On October 27th, tgEntropy will be performing an improvised longform in the Diever Globetheater, completely in the dark! During the “Nacht van de Nacht,” when all lights are off, our ensemble of actors, musicians and a collection of noise-making objects will come together to improvise a completely original story for you to enjoy without having to open your eyes.

In the dark, a part of the world goes to sleep, while another wakes up. Beneath the stars we surrender to sleep, to the dancefloor, or to dark desires. The light of the moon accompanies, regenerates, stimulates us. And the stories that we tell each other at night, give more meaning to our days.

Tickets: Entirely free of charge! Please do reserve a spot here. 

Director: Corina Onderstijn
Cast: TJ Da Silva, Corina Onderstijn, Marjolein Inklaar, Willy Dorgeloos


This event is sponsored by NMF Drenthe.
  Entire program can be found here.